Adult Learning & Training Centre

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Monday - Thursday: 9:00am-3:00pm

Frequently Asked


The Adult Learning & Training Centre is a non-profit literacy and basic skills program that serves Lanark County and Smiths Falls.

The ALTC is funded through the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and the United Way of Lanark County.

The ALTC reports to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, the United Way of Lanark County, and our volunteer Board of Directors.

The ALTC offers training through one-on-one tutoring, small groups

and workshops.

The ALTC offers the opportunity to:

    - Upgrade reading, writing, and math skills.

    - Learn skills required to find success in daily life.

    - Prepare for entry-level work in numerous fields.

    - Prepare for the G1 license test.

    - Learn new skills through our Enhanced Programs; which include

      Cash Register Training, Computer Basics, and Reading to Eating.

No. You cannot receive high school or college credits from the courses you take at the ALTC. However, we do help you develop the skills needed to succeed in a program that does offer those credits. Upon the completion of each course you take with us, you will receive a certificate. We also work in partnership with Algonquin College in Smiths Falls to offer Academic Upgrading, and T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative, and Continuing Education throughout Lanark County.

Thanks to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, and the United Way of Lanark County, all services offered at the ALTC are 100% free!

Yes! The skills you develop while studying at the ALTC are ones that are used on a daily basis in your chosen field of work. For example, in the Cleaner Program, you will learn about the different chemicals that are used to clean and disinfect surfaces.

The ALTC is open from 9am to 3pm on Monday to Thursday,

and 9am to 12pm on Friday.

Yes! If you are unable to attend when the ALTC is open, we will find ways to work around your schedule by setting you up with a tutor and/or modified attendance schedule.

You must be at least 19 years of age to attend the ALTC.

Call the ALTC at 613-284-2121, e-mail us at, or stop by at 52 Abbott Street North, Unit 3D, in Smiths Falls.


What is the ALTC?


How is the ALTC funded?


Who does the ALTC report to?


What services does the ALTC offer?


Does the ALTC offer accredited courses?

What is the cost to use the services at the ALTC?

Will the courses further my chances of finding employment?


What are the ALTC's hours of operation?


Are the hours flexible?


How old must I be to attend the ALTC?


How can I find out more about the ALTC and programs offered?


How long does it take to complete a program?

The length of time it takes a learner to complete a program varies on the pace of their individual learning, the level they started at, and the goal set for them.


When can I start a program?

The ALTC has a continuous intake, so you can start whenever you want.


What kind of commitment do I have to make to attend the ALTC?

Whether you choose to attend on a part-time or full-time basis, instructors are looking for you to make and commit to a schedule and specific goals that work for you.