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Family Literacy



Parents and caregivers who spend time reading to and with children often provide their children with several thousand hours

of reading experience by the time they enter school.

In fact, the skills and capacity to learn that children develop

by the age of six stay with them for the rest of their lives.


You can encourage literacy with your children at home by doing some simple activities with them each day:

- Let them choose a book and read it with them.

- When reading follow the words across the page with your finger.

  This shows them how people read from left to right.

- When reading, children love when you use different expressions

  and even different voices.

- Try paired reading to boost your children's confidence in reading 

  aloud. Read the book word for word together.

- Talk with your children about their thoughts on the stories you


- Encourage your children to interact throughout the story by

  pointing to pictures, acting out what is being read, and asking


For more information, check out our Family Literacy Programs, such as Pass It On!