Adult Learning & Training Centre

About Us



The Adult Learning & Training Centre is a non-profit, community based agency

that provides personalized training and skills for adults in Lanark County and

Smiths Falls.


We envision a community in which all residents have the necessary skills to

achieve their dreams and enhance the quality of their lives.

Becoming a Learner

To determine our learners' educational or training needs, we conduct an

in-depth assessment of their skill levels and personal goals. Based on the assessment results, we will work with the learners to plan their training program. Should their knowledge, and abilities be beyond our centre's mandate and program capabilities, we will refer them to another appropriate educational resource or institute.


Throughout our learners' training program, we monitor their progress and assist them where needed to ensure their success. Learners complete milestones as they work towards their goal and finish with a culminating task at the end of their program. Upon completion of each program, the learners are awarded a certificate as a record of their achievement.

One-on-one training is provided through the generosity of our qualified volunteer tutors. They support our vision of a community in which all residents are given the opportunity to upgrade their skills and achieve their educational and employment goals. Learners also have the option to work independently or in small groups.



Monday - Thursday: 9:00am-3:00pm