Your Path for Work, Learning, and Life.

Throughout our history, we have worked toward a single purpose: to allow individuals the freedom to learn in their own way by setting appropriate goals and providing ongoing motivation.

Our organization got its start in 1990, the same year the United Nations declared it the Year of Literacy. To better serve learners, we became incorporated in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization.

For more than 30 years, our organization has seen a lot of changes.  How we teach; how individuals learn; quality standards; administration, management, and funding; and the movement toward digital technology and how we define basic skills. 

When we were founded in 1990, we had no idea as to what magnitude we would gain while providing a diverse basic skills service that has crossed sectors, provided diverse opportunities to improve skills, and the involvement of other community organizations.

Over the years, the one thing that has always stayed the same is:

  • The strengths of our services
  • The emphasis on meeting a learner’s needs
  • The importance of working from a learner’s strengths and recognition of achievement
  • The key task of building confidence and not just competency
  • The understanding of using different approaches while working with different individuals

Each year has been an opportunity to measure our success and learn from our downfalls, remove the stigma attached to learning disabilities, and any barriers that may prevent one from participating in our program.

Since our founding, the unwavering dedication of our volunteers helped our mission come to life.

We would not be who we are today without key milestones that have developed, progressed, and shaped our programs and services through equity and equality.


Pauline Levesque

Pauline Levesque

Executive Director